Meet Our Members

debDeb Jones, A Biometrics Success Story

In February, Deb Jones went online to look for a personal trainer. What she found was a weight loss program that has changed the course of her life, and a community of health conscious, motivating and knowledgeable people to keep her moving down the right path.

When visiting our website, Deb’s attention was drawn to the integrated approach of our One-on-One Biometrics weight loss program and she decided to give it a try. Biometrics includes personal training, a meal plan and nutritional counseling and health assessments that go way beyond measuring inches and pounds, all wrapped into a six-week program. “This time, my primary goal was not to ‘lose weight’ but rather, to get healthy and to learn how to stay healthy going forward,” she said.

At the end of six weeks, Deb had lost 9 pounds and 18 inches, increased her body strength by over 100%, improved her VO2 by 30% and reduced her total cholesterol by 41%, plus, she is no longer considered pre-diabetic.

“The encouragement and knowledge of the dietitian, the skill and motivation of exercise specialist Peter Elsham, the opportunity to try out a variety of studio classes, the warmth and welcoming attitude of your members, all combined with the environment of The Marsh, were key to my initial and now ongoing success,” she said. In June, Deb decided to become a Marsh member, noting, “I’m choosing to continue to take active steps to improve the quality of my life today and down the road.”

Tom Bogaert, motivated to keep dancingThe Marsh - Zumba Dance Class

Tom Bogaert was running on our track when he first became intrigued with the idea of dance as exercise. As he circled the track, he was drawn to the energy and movement of the Nia class underway in the room below. He decided to give it a try.

That was four years ago. This 53-year-old mechanical engineer has been a regular in Jill Goux’s Nia classes at The Marsh ever since. And, he was one of the first in line for the Super Saturday Dance Party in January, which prompted him to add BodyJam and, when possible, Zumba to his dance regimen.

So what motivates Tom to keep dancing? Mostly, he said, he just enjoys it. Then he identified some specific benefits he has experienced.

Coordination: “I can feel that I am more coordinated. Starting BodyJam would have been a lot harder without the experience with Nia.” You might say that the windows from our running track opened the door to a new kind of exercise program for Tom. He’s found his fit, and discovered that exercise can be fun.

cynthia-e-1Cynthia Entzel, living with Parkinson’s

“The Marsh gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning,” says member Cynthia Entzel. For someone living with Parkinson’s Disease, that’s huge. Cynthia was only 34 years old when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Now, 16 years later, she is an expert on how to manage this progressive, degenerative disease for which there is no known cause and no known cure. “The two most important things you need to do are exercise and stay social,” she says. She is able to do both in spades at The Marsh. Like all people with Parkinson’s, Cynthia never really knows from one minute to the next what her body is going to be willing to do. Therefore, she appreciates the variety of exercise options available to her at The Marsh.

Some days she is just happy to stretch in the warm water pool. Other days she prefers a forced exercise like walking on the treadmill. She recently started participating in our Nia and Zumba classes, and is very proud of the fact that she managed to jump on the tramps in Cardio Bounce.

But the value of The Marsh goes far beyond the exercise environment, she explained. “It is easy to become a recluse when you have this disease. It affects speech, movement, everything. You can’t hide it, so it is easy to want to hide yourself. When I come to The Marsh, I not only exercise, I connect with other people. It’s good for me and it makes me feel better,” she said.

Dale Woodbeck, Longtime Marsh memberdale

Longtime Marsh member, triathlete and local businessman Dale Woodbeck knows that in order to stay fit, it is important to both listen to your body and respond to what it needs. Here’s why he feels The Marsh is the place to make it happen!

Environment: Our quiet environment allows me to concentrate while exercising so that I can pay attention to what my body needs.

Professional support: For three years, I have worked regularly with Marsh Exercise Specialist Ryan Ford who understands the art and science of training high level amateur athletes. Ryan ensures that I don’t get in a rut by regularly adjusting my exercise routines and focusing on good racing techniques that keep me injury free.

Spa: Massages in the spa have become a regular part of my exercise regimen. It helps with recovery after a race and with injury prevention. I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of massage at first. Now I encourage guys to just get past that. You only have to get one massage to see the value.

You will often see Dale swimming laps in the pool, exercising in the Training Center or cycling on the trails around The Marsh, perhaps on his way to work as General Manager of Lakewinds Natural Foods Co-op.

sallySally Anderson, A member living with multiple sclerosis

Sally Anderson can’t wait to go to the doctor. She’s not scheduled to see her neurologist until October and she is bursting to share some good news. You see, Sally, who has been living with multiple sclerosis (MS) for 37 years, has seen her ability to walk steadily decline.

For the past 20 years, she has relied on a walker and a cane. But since she discovered The Marsh this spring, things have changed. Her strength, stamina and confidence have all escalated, and her walking is visibly better. These days, Sally is walking for exercise without a cane or walker, using Nordic Walking poles instead—something she never would have dreamt possible a few months ago. “I’ve never really exercised or belonged to a health club, and I just didn’t think with my MS that I would be able to do anything,” she said.

But after coming to The Marsh and working with exercise specialist Candy Swanson, Sally has a whole new outlook on what is possible. In addition to training with Candy, Sally works independently in our warm water Therapy Pool and is just beginning to work with acupuncturist Kent Marsh to address some swelling in one of her legs. “He is so reassuring and calming and I’ve already seen some marvelous results,” she said. “I love this place. I feel physically good when I leave here and I can’t wait to come back again.”