RESULTS by Design is a research-based program offering real science, real hope, and a nurturing team of professionals to get you to your goals while keeping you accountable and motivated!

Feel better physically and emotionally, and improve your overall health in this 7-week program.

Our RESULTS by Design program delivers through:

• Dedicated coaching support for 7 weeks
• 18 30-minute personal training sessions
• 2 hours of nutrition and lifestyle coaching
• Pre and post health assessments

Led by Exercise Physiologist Evan Strewler, Registered Dietitian Bobbi Horner and a dedicated exercise specialist who will meet with you one-on-one for 30-minutes three times a week, this research-based program goes beyond weight loss to deliver a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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What results can I expect?

Research and experience have shown the following results for participants:

• Lose unwanted fat and inches
• Increase lean muscle mass
• Build strength
• Boost energy and vitality
• Gain confidence and personal empowerment