Nutrition Coaching with Bobbi Horner

Monday - Friday, 05/29/2019

While both exercise and diet are key to living a long, healthy life, ultimately experts say you can’t outrun a poor diet. What we eat can decrease the risk for chronic disease, help with weight control, assist in stress management, decrease the effects of aging and improve skin and brain health. With a no-judgment, individualized approach, The Marsh’s Registered Dietitian can help you in many ways.

• A simple 15-minute Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test can tell you exactly the number of calories your body needs each day.

• A Private Nutrition Consultation or two could set you up with a personal nutrition plan including new eating strategies that fit your lifestyle, a plan to address vitamin deficiencies and coaching to realistic goals.

• Finally, Bobbi can lead you through our Results by Design Program, a 7-week nutrition and fitness lifestyle program delivering measurable results toward Weight Loss, Disease Prevention and Increased Vitality.

New! Your Private Training Package sessions can now be used toward training and nutrition! 1-hour private consultation: $85/$100 (packages available)

For more information, contact Bobbi at or 952-930-8533.