In the Spa…

, 07/02/2019

Summer Skincare
Maintaining a good skincare regimen through the summer is extremely important to protect your skin from sun damage and environmental pollutants. Our Ultimate Facial combines ultra-targeted products (multi-masking & multi-serums) and expert application methods for immediate, long-lasting results. Reduce wrinkles and brown spots and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy all summer.

Thai Yoga Massage
Great for clients new to massage, Thai Yoga Massage does not use any lotions or oils and you remain fully clothed. Relax and enjoy the wonderful, gentle stretches, acupressure, yoga and reflexology-inspired moves which help you alleviate tight areas and melt away stress. Special attention is devoted to the neck, shoulders, back and hips. Marsh licensed massage therapist Mary Sullivan, began her Thai Yoga Massage training in Wat Po in Bangkok and continued with advanced techniques. She is also trained in a variety of other massage modalities, including: Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue and Swedish.

Get Your Summer Glow On! Dermaplaning Services at The Marsh
Available as a 30-minute service and as a 50-minute facial, Dermaplaning brightens the dullest  of complexions for an instant, gratifying glow with no pain or downtime. Dermaplaning is performed by our specially trained Estheticians and gently removes peach fuzz & the top layer of dead skin cells. Benefits include:
• Stimulates cellular turnover for a long-term cumulative result
• Flawless makeup application
• Improves product penetration
• Improves overall complexion and skin texture
• Decreases breakouts

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