Healthy Living Package

, 02/01/2018

Available February 1 – 28

Whether you just want to prioritize your health or feel a lifestyle change is in order, a little guidance from our health professionals can help. This package combines three hours of nutritional counseling along with health assessments, specifically blood cholesterol screening and a VO2.

Why blood screening? You may look and feel fine, but blood lipid panels provide information to help you get ahead of a brewing issue.

Why VO2? You will hear a lot this month from our instructors and trainers about perceived exertion and training in your target heart rate zone. Taking a VO2 test takes the guesswork out of identifying the heart rate zones you should exercise within to best meet your goals – whether fat burn, weight loss or heart health.

In honor of heart month, we are offering this package for a special price of $350/$425.

To schedule, contact Bobbi Horner at 952-930-8533 or