GYROTONIC® at The Marsh

, 06/29/2017

We are fortunate to be one of a few places in the Twin Cities that have passed the rigorous GYROTONIC® approval process. One-on-one GYROTONIC® training is a full body, abdominal intensive exercise method done on highly specialized equipment to safely balance, rejuvenate and strengthen your body. Professional athletes have leveraged the unique benefits of GYROTONIC® training for decades. We invite everyone – moms, athletes, those with prior injuries, and men looking to gain more flexiblity – to explore the benefits of GYROTONIC®.

Special Introductory Offer: Introductory GYROTONIC®Training Session: $40
Introductory 3-pack of one hour GYROTONIC® Training Sessions: $180

For more information, contact Kari Oxford at or call 952-935-2202 ext. #8050