Gyrotonics at The Marsh

The Marsh  |  Posted: Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

The Gyrotonic method is a form of exercise that teaches how to move with strength and flexibility with an emphasis on the spinal range of motion.  The Marsh offers two modes of training in Gyrotonic, personal training and in a class format. Sonia Berglund and Kari Oxford, our Gyrotonic experts here at The marsh, walk us through this unique form of movement.

The History of Gyrotonic

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis were developed by Romanian-born Juliu Horvath, a ballet dancer who was injured and was searching for a way to move through his injury.  He was a principal dancer for the Romanian National Ballet Company before moving to New York. Juliu eventually secured a position as a principal dancer with the Houston Ballet where he, unfortunately, ruptured his Achilles tendon. 

His injury led to the exploration of yoga and meditation, which led him to teach a new movement system called “yoga for dancers” this soon expanded to become what is now Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis. 

Benefits of Gyrotonic 

The practice of Gyrotonic creates benefits for clientele of all ages.  A client of older age will experience an increased range of motion and benefits to circulation.  These benefits are direct results of the methods of three-dimensional movements. Those with limited mobility or chronic pain also see benefits as Gyrotonic can help to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow to the muscles. 

A younger client sees preventative benefits in the practice. From improved posture to better functional movements, the exercises are designed to work with the body’s natural movements for elevated performance.  

There have even been links between the improvement of some neurological disorders and Gyrotonic.  Because Gyrotonic eases tension in the body, there is a direct correlation between nerve function and this practice. The practice done regularly helps to repair nerves that have started to malfunction and potentially reverse nerve damage. 

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