Massage Therapy: Why a Licensed Therapist is a Must

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

For some, it may come as a surprise that here in Minnesota, massage therapists are not required by law to be certified. What this means is that if you’re not selecting a therapist that is certified, you could be entrusting someone with little to no professional experience or training. 

Minnesota is one of only four in the country that has no laws regulating massage therapy.  Although the practice is meant to be a relaxing, pain-relieving experience, going to someone with no training can have serious consequences on your body. 

Here at The Marsh, we require all of our massage therapists to have valid certifications in order to practice here.  Our priority is our clientele, so even while the state has no requirement, we are committed to hiring only the best. 

The risks that come with trusting a therapist with no training are extensive, but some of the most prevalent are: 

  • Not referring a patient to a doctor when needed
  • Applying the incorrect amount of pressure to a sensitive patient
  • Worsening health conditions 
  • Endangering a patient with unknown health conditions
  • Creating muscle pain that doesn’t yet exist 
  • Worsening delicate areas on a patient

Massage therapy is really a blessing to the integrative health care world, and it can be a huge positive in the lives of those struggling with stress-management or chronic pain. But those things can be worsened by a therapist who isn’t properly trained and certified. 

In order to find a certified and trained massage therapist, make sure that you reach out to the spa or salon that you’re booking with and ask if their therapists are COMTA accredited.  Don’t take the risk of going to an untrained therapist, schedule your next massage with one of our therapists today!