Practical Tools to Improve Your Daily Life

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Friday, September 27th, 2019

Having a “daily routine” is becoming a trend in a world where many of us hardly have time to have breakfast in the morning.  The idea shouldn’t be daunting, but for many people, it is. In order to really break down the idea of improving your daily life and develop a daily routine, we’ve determined the three most important aspects.  

Start a Mindfulness Practice

This is one of the most beneficial tools to have in your arsenal.  Starting and practicing a mindfulness routine whether it be 2 minutes or 20 minutes can truly change the way you experience the world.  

If you’re feeling like you barely have time in the day, start small.  Set a timer for 2 minutes and sit in a comfortable position. Start by lengthening your breathing to 4-second inhales and 4-second exhales. Notice the thoughts coming through your mind but try to continue to come back to focusing on your breath.  If you can add this 2-minute practice into your day consistently, you’ll start to notice a feeling of calm during potentially higher-stress situations. 

Participating in a guided mindfulness practice can be incredibly beneficial and can give you the tools to bring mindfulness into your everyday life. 

Get to Know Yourself 

Mindfulness is directly relating to knowing oneself and accepting who you are in the present moment. Having goals and working towards them is wonderful, but in order to make goals that truly represent who you are and what you want, you have to know yourself first.  The good and the bad parts, which we all have. 

Write down the things you like most about yourself, and the things you like least, and instead of trying to make a plan to change these things, try to accept them for what they are and appreciate you for you.  Gratitude is a powerful tool, and being grateful for your ability to reflect on who you are is a practice in personal growth itself. 

Focus on Intentional Habits 

We understand well that life is full of obligations that we are “required” to do. But life also is full of options, many of them are wonderful and fulfilling.  A full-time job takes away roughly 8 hours of our day, leaving 16 hours for us to decide what to do with. Most people sleep for 8 hours, and sleep is very important.  So now we have about 8 hours to cultivate a few intentional daily habits

These are entirely dependent on you. Ask yourself these questions in order to determine how to fill up your time with intentional habits: 

  • What are my values? 
  • What activities excite me? 
  • What makes me happy? 
  • What goals am I trying to achieve? 
  • What can I do today to get me closer to all of the above? 

Once you have a few answers to these questions, take action.  If you value creativity, do some research on an art form you’re curious about like drawing, and then take steps to explore your hand at it in your own time.  Doing things that you love, even if just for a few minutes, can make an immense difference in your daily life. For more tips and tricks on personal health, see our blog.