The Start of Fall: How to Better Embrace Life’s Changes

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Monday, September 23rd marked the beginning of the Autumn season.  Autumn brings cooler weather, falling leaves, and all things pumpkin-flavored. It’s a time that we’re heavily reminded that the world is ever-changing, and so are we! Since we are born, we are constantly experiencing changes, yet many of us still find it difficult to cope with change.  

This Fall, we want to give you the tools to shift your perspective on change. These tips will help you to learn how to embrace change and experience a fuller, more positive life. 

Understand that Life is About Change 

“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus

The reason change can be so difficult, is because as human beings, we crave consistency.  We spend our lives looking for our purpose, and our people. We want to feel like we belong somewhere, with people who are like-minded. What we don’t realize, is that even though that sense of belonging is innate, we also benefit greatly from change.  If those before us hadn’t embraced change, we wouldn’t be living in a world full of incredible technology, creativity, and free-thinkers. 

In our own lives, it’s important to embrace change because it teaches us how to grow and make connections with other people who have also experienced change. It is a common thread among us all that we’ve gone through some kind of change whether big or small. Understanding that change is a constant in life, is the first step to accepting and embracing it. 

Be Mindful of Your Reactions 

When change occurs, try to hold any reaction until you’ve taken note of your thoughts and emotions. Being conscious of your feelings towards change will help you to consider your reactions.  If for example, you’ve recently changed roles or careers, it’s completely rational to feel uneasy at first, but reacting to that nervousness can result in rushed projects or missing out on important training that could make or break your success. 

All emotions play an important role. Listening to your feelings is different than reacting to them.  Once you have the skill of acknowledging your emotions and then determining a conscious reaction, you’ll better be able to navigate and embrace changes both small and big. 

Practice Gratitude 

It is incredibly easy to look towards the future and focus on what you’d like to achieve as opposed to focusing on what you already have. This world is very future-focused, and many times, it’s a positive thing! This very much keeps our world spinning around and is cause for all the incredible changes we’ve seen. 

In order to truly embrace change, it’s important to practice gratitude for those things that are already in your life. Your friends, your family, and even things like your ability to read this right now or your ability to talk.  Embracing change becomes easier when you take stock of the simple things in your life and show gratitude for them. This way, when change does occur, you’re confident and comfortable knowing that you have wonderful support around you. 

Adjust Your Outlook 

Change really allows us to grow and learn new life skills. It challenges us at times, but those challenges serve as important lessons that oftentimes will come back to help us. If you adjust your outlook on change from something to be feared, to something that is exciting and positive, you’ll attract that positivity into your life, and you’ll be able to see the opportunity that change brings. One skill that helps to embrace change, is mindfulness, start your mindfulness journey here.