The Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga for Children

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Yoga has become increasingly popular in the health and wellness world. The true core of yoga is its benefits of relaxation, stress relief, and physical improvements in the body. Even with this influx of popularity, not many have considered that this ancient practice can benefit children in a way that virtually no other physical movement can.  Read on for some physical and mental benefits of yoga for children

A Decrease in Stress and Anxiety

Many children feel anxious in today’s society. That anxiety can be tied to biological factors, but there are also environmental factors that can increase the opportunity for anxiety to manifest in children.  

Through a yoga practice catered towards children, they are given the tools and guidance they need to understand their feelings and how to cope with them. Practices vary by age range and are focused around the learning styles and preferences for activity level. The children will be guided through varied poses that are relaxing and restorative, this teaches the children how to feel and focus on their physical body, and in turn, they are able to get out of their minds. 

An Increase in Body Awareness 

Yoga is a physical practice, and many children aren’t yet aware of their bodies in space.  By guiding them through poses that use different body parts they become aware of things like how their arms, legs, and trunk move through space.  

This awareness helps children understand how to relate to other objects and other people that they spend time with.  By developing body awareness, motor skill development is more easily accomplished, and further down the line, they will be better equipped to develop all-around self-awareness. 

A Better Ability to Focus Attention 

Yoga is a practice that allows us to focus on simple occurrences in the present moment, like our breath. This is an especially difficult task for children.  Teaching children how to focus on the present at a young age gives them a head start on skill development. Skills like adaptation, and how to be non-reactive in overwhelming situations.  A child’s inability to focus often stems from anxiety. That anxiety manifests in the form of tummy aches and lethargic feelings.  Getting to the root of the problem is incredibly important. 

Our upcoming Yoga for Kids workshop helps children learn how to root out the cause of anxiety while reducing stress in the body. Learn more about this workshop HERE

Source: Mira Binzen


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