How Acupuncture Can Improve Your Overall Health

ellen hem-ryan  |  Posted: Monday, July 29th, 2019

Life is all about balance. This is a widely known but often misunderstood statement. When we think about balance we think about having salads on the weekdays and cheeseburgers on the weekends, or the doctor-recommended amount of wine per week. Something we don’t often think about when considering that lifestyle balance is preventative care and pain relief.  Both of the aforementioned are benefits of acupuncture.  

While acupuncture can serve many different purposes, the most sought-after benefits are those listed below. Keep reading to discover some of the incredible benefits of acupuncture. 

Stress Reduction 

Many of us are living with constant or consistent stress due to work-life imbalances, busy schedules, or other common stressors.  This is one of the most popular reasons to seek out acupuncture. The practice of acupuncture involves using small gauge needles inserted into specific points of the body.  This relieves blockages that have been related to keeping stress within the body. Stimulating certain points in the body can alleviate the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. Many times clients come in hoping to feel relief from physical pain and as an added benefit, they start to feel a reduction in stress as well. 

Reduce Inflammation 

Inflammation in the body has many causes, including diet, stress levels, and more.  Acupuncture works to reduce inflammation by stimulating points in the body that have become imbalanced.  Inflammation in the body has been related directly to the production of cortisol in the body. By working to mitigate cortisol in the body through removing blocks from the 12 meridians in the body, we are able to help the body to release the cortisol it may be holding.  The points in the body related to inflammation are known as trigger points. The practice of acupuncture works to stimulate and release these trigger points to relieve inflammation. 

Improve Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain is extremely prevalent in today’s society.  Many of those coming in seeking acupuncture are doing so because they’ve been suffering from chronic pain. More and more of our clients are learning of the benefits of acupuncture when it comes to chronic pain, typically in the back and neck.  While chronic pain is an affliction that persists over time, consistent acupuncture treatments have been shown to reduce that feeling of pain for many patients. 
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