Yoga Teacher Training: Why You Should Consider Deepening Your Practice

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Yoga provides a path for self-exploration for all those who practice. Its study and practice bring us to the experience shifts in how we experience ourselves and our lives. Taking a yoga teacher training program deepens your practice, allowing you to feel the fullness of what yoga is, beyond just a practice. The discipline is much richer than can easily be imparted in an hour or an hour and a half asana class. 

What Will I Learn? 

In yoga teacher training, you will learn more about how your body and the bodies of your students work. You can witness the way habitual tendencies of diet, movement or lack thereof, can impact your experience, and you can introduce supportive practices, more easily maintained within the container of the course. You will learn to better understand how the mind works. The training provides the support to witness your own habitual tendencies and how to work with them skillfully. The self-study and practice bring more flexible, accurate thinking, more clarity, more perspective.

What Does the Training Include? 

The training here at The Marsh includes learning and practicing the various techniques of yoga and insight into the philosophy of yoga. 

The poses, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, chanting, meditation, and cleansing techniques will all be included in the training. This goes beyond just the form of the poses, it includes anatomy and physiology of the practice. 

It includes the study and practice of adjustments to support good alignment in poses. It includes yoga philosophy and the lifestyle the discipline encourages. Students learn to teach yoga classes, through a process of observations, assisting in classes and completing a teaching practicum.

There is support for adjusting the approach to work with specific populations. There is also a research component where participants choose an area of study they would like to explore. Perhaps it concerns working with a particular group or practicing a specific technique over time to observe its effect on one’s state of body and mind. This research project is something participants share with the full group. There is also a final paper to help integrate the experience of the training.  

Why Should I Take this Yoga Teacher Training at The Marsh? 

The strengths of this training include the fact that the facilitator has taken three 200-hour yoga teacher trainings and has taught this particular training eight times over the course of a decade. She has reflected on how best to provide the experience for students across different levels and styles. 

The training includes meditation practice and Yoga Sutra chanting and study. You will receive ample support throughout the training to ensure that you get the most out of your time here.  The facilitator has practiced yoga for over 25 years and has taught for nearly 24. She is experienced and committed to the practice and study of yoga. 
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