July 4th: How to Enjoy the Holiday and Stick to Your Goals

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Happy Independence Day! 

July 4th is one of those holidays where you come together with family and friends to eat, drink, and enjoy the day together likely in patriotic clothing. On this day in 1776, the declaration of independence of America was signed and published into law creating a new country; America! 

The holiday has evolved to include an overabundance of food and drink and all too often leads to a not-so-great July 5th. Well, we’re here to help! Whether you’re aiming for a slimmer waist or a healthier gut, use these tips to keep yourself in check while still enjoying the festivities this year! 

Bring a Water Bottle 

July 4th celebrations typically occur outdoors, and this time of year can be rather humid and hot, creating a chance of dehydration. Becoming thirsty and only having sugary drinks or alcoholic beverages around to quench that thirst can lead to overindulging in a way that you may be trying to avoid.  Arm yourself with a water bottle and be sure to consume at least 64 oz throughout the day. 

This will not only keep you hydrated and happy throughout the celebrations, it will leave less opportunity for the intake of other, not-so-healthy beverages.  It’s also been shown that those who have been consuming alcoholic beverages throughout the day are more likely to overeat, by keeping some H20 close to you, you reduce that chance. 

Fill up on Fruit and Veggies 

We often hear people making a plan to “save room” for the good stuff.  What this usually means is operating on an empty stomach in order to indulge in all of the foods that are available during your July 4th BBQ.  We would argue that this approach has the potential to backfire. You may end up eating far more of that calorie-rich indulgent food than you want because your stomach is aching for some food. 

Instead try filling up on an array of colorful fruits and vegetables throughout the day and yes, allow yourself to eat the other more indulgent options as well.  But you won’t need to fill your tummy up with hot dogs when it’s filled with nutritious fruits and veggies. As a bonus, you’ll reap the benefits of all of the nutrients inside of those natural foods and you won’t feel the weight of those heavier foods the next day. 

Enjoy the Day 

Your health and wellness goals are important, but so is enjoying your time. Life is truly all about balance and this holiday is no exception. While still considering the health of your mind and body, focus on the present moment. Take time to feel gratitude for the people around you and the opportunity to spend a full day celebrating with them.  

We encourage you to stay present this holiday and give love to the people, food, and all other things that you surround yourself with today!

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