5 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Health This Summer

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Summer is here! For Minnesotans, this is a time to celebrate. We’re all gearing up to go out on the lakes, dust off our swimsuits, and definitely take out the SPF. While summertime is all about enjoying the sunshine, it’s also a great time to take care of your mind and your body. Use these simple tips to prioritize your health this summer!

Take Time to De-Stress

Nothing will ruin a beautiful sunny summer day like the feeling of stress. Stress has been shown to wreak havoc on both our mental and physical health. So it’s imperative that we develop ways to reduce or rid our bodies of stress. One amazing way to de-stress is through meditation. Specifically, mindfulness-based stress reduction serves as a guide to support us as we explore meditation.  It was created for the sole purpose of helping us to cultivate a healthy relationship with our daily challenges. This change of perspective reduces the amount of stress we feel because it gives us the tools to face challenges and react with understanding and patience, instead of allowing stress to creep in.

Making it a habit to spend time doing things that help you to de-stress will do wonders for your health this summer. Less stress means more time to enjoy the things you love!

Move Everyday

Who else loves the feeling of going on an early morning summertime walk, a late night run, or a day spent gardening? All of those things make us feel so good because our bodies and minds crave movement. Even the gentlest movement like stretching or walking has health benefits that can keep you healthier, longer.

On those Minnesota summer days when the sun is out and the bugs are at bay, get outside! There are some surprising benefits to spending time outdoors that you may not have even realized. Give yourself a goal of moving every day no matter what form that takes, and if you can move outdoors, you’ll enjoy those benefits as well!

Choose Whole Foods

No one is perfect, and with all of those barbeques and parties happening this summer, we wouldn’t expect perfection. The simple act of choosing a healthy snack over a processed snack on a consistent basis is enough to give your body the nutritional benefits it craves, along with other benefits.

Choosing a healthy, balanced diet reduces fatigue, improves physical health, and improves mental health and mood. This will immediately improve the state of your physical health because food is fuel for your body, so if you’re feeding your body clean fuel, the engine will run better.

Prioritize Rest

Summer is a time when many, if not most of us, stay up later, including the sun. Our days are much longer in the summer than in the winter so naturally, we want to stay awake to enjoy those long days. However, prioritizing good quality sleep comes with heaps of benefits. Those benefits include a better mood and even weight loss. As tempting as it is to pack your schedule full of fun activities this summer, take the time to rest and recharge, your body will thank you.

Schedule Social Time

We don’t often correlate socializing with a healthy lifestyle, but the truth is that spending time socializing is a very important part of living a happy, balanced life. It’s been shown that consistent social interactions may boost your brain health and even lower your risk of dementia and other cognitive diseases. Summer is a busy time for many of us, especially because we live in a place where summer seems to be gone in the blink of an eye.

Carving time out to socialize with friends, family, or even strangers carries many physical and mental benefits that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Beyond boosting brain health, other benefits of an active social life include:

  • Immune system health
  • Decreased chance of depression
  • Improved mood
  • Improved self-worth
  • Improved communication skills

Make the most of this summer by placing a particular emphasis on your mental and physical health. Use these tips to make small changes that will cause a big improvement! For opportunities to get outside or socialize within the community, check out our upcoming events!

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