Healthy Habits to Adopt for a More Balanced Life

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Friday, May 3rd, 2019

We all crave balance in our lives.  Whether it’s in our day-to-day routines or just a feeling of balance in our current world, it’s a common feeling to want balance. While spring in Minnesota brings quite an unbalance in the form of weather, we thought now was the perfect time to cultivate some healthy habits that will create a sense of balance in your life. Here are 4 habits to adopt for a more balanced life.

Habit #1: Start Simple Meditation

The idea behind meditation is that you bring your attention to the present moment, create stillness within your body, and allow any passing thoughts to pass through your mind without taking any action.  Just considering the bane of meditation, it becomes clear how this practice would benefit our minds and our bodies.

The world is filled with noise and deadlines and stress, a mindfulness-based stress reduction practice helps to balance the pace of our world and turn attention back to self.  

Start small, join a workshop to learn the best way to start a meditation practice or simply sit in a quiet space for a few minutes at a time with your eyes closed in a comfortable position, and focus on your breath.  Try not to get stuck on one thought, instead let your thoughts come and go naturally.

Habit #2: Adopt a Skincare Routine

If you live here in Minnesota, or anywhere in the Midwest for that matter, you are fully aware of the effects the changing seasons can have on our skin. By taking proper care and acknowledging the environmental factors that affect the skin, we give our skin the care and attention it deserves.  

Life is busy, but self-care is important to your overall wellbeing. It’s well worth it to carve out time in your day to care for your skin. Even if that means adding SPF to your morning skincare routine, your skin will thank you.

Habit #3: Find Physical Movement for You

The benefits of physical exercise are incredible and it seems that we continue to learn new and even more impressive ways physical movement improves our lives. Besides helping to reduce the risk of several diseases, regular physical exercise improves mood, focus, and overall wellbeing.

The trick is to find a form of movement that works for you.  Not everyone considers themselves a “yogi” just as not everyone is interested in lifting heavy weights.  We have good news for you. There is exercise format out there that is perfect for you, it’s just up to you to find it.

Habit #4: Develop a Gratitude Practice

It can sound very simple to “be grateful” but really developing a practice of gratitude can be life changing. Start by considering the things in your life that are constant; this may be work, home, family, or friends.  Then start to think or say “I am grateful for..” and simply go down your list of wonderful people and blessings in your life.

This practice done regularly improves mood and reminds us of the things we have, instead of focusing on the things we don’t.  It’s easy in an age of digital to look around at what others have and to start to feel like our lives are lacking, but by developing a gratitude practice, you create a perspective of all of the wonderful things around you and will, in turn, feel more fulfilled.

The secret to a balanced life is to simply take inventory of your life and slow down long enough to recognize what you need both mentally and physically.  By adopting even one of these habits, you’ll start to feel more positive, more in tune to the present, and more balanced.