Preparing Your Mind and Body for Spring

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Friday, April 19th, 2019

Spring has arrived! Are you ready? As the sidewalks thaw and the green starts showing through, we are reminded of how quickly the seasons go by.

All of nature is preparing to flourish again!

Nature is such a clear reflection of ourselves. Since Spring is the time of year when everything around us comes to life, we want to give you some tips to prepare your mind and body for this new season and to truly come alive!

Practice Mindfulness

This may be one of the most important tips in not only preparing for Spring but in cultivating a life that you love as well. Finding a mindfulness practice can enhance your mind and body in a multitude of ways.

The connection between mind and body can be leveraged by gaining an understanding of your present state. This is really what mindfulness is, at its simplest form.  Regular meditation improves decision-making skills, self-awareness, and reduces stress. It has even been shown to improve sleep quality. All of this allows you to step into Spring with a healthy and clear mind and body.

Take Steps to Reduce Stress

Spring is all about getting outside, experiencing the new blooms in the world, and leaving any winter blues behind. Take inventory of how you’re feeling and then take steps to improve your mood and reduce stress. By starting this process, you’re prepared to let in all the wonderful warmth that Spring has to offer.  

Stress is extremely taxing on the body and the mind, so the sooner you acknowledge and move towards stress reduction, the healthier you will be both mentally and physically.  Some great stress relievers are meditation, physical exercise, and reading or listening to music.

Get into A Routine

Specifically, settle into a consistent morning and nighttime routine.  The quality of your sleep improves when you go to bed and wake up around the same time each night, so first determine the times that work for you to get up and go to sleep and then stick to them.  Any kind of change or creation of a new routine can be tough but trust us when we say that prioritizing quality sleep will change the way your body feels and the way your mind functions.  

If you’re a late sleeper, start by getting up just a few minutes earlier each morning until it starts to feel natural.  Not only will your body thank you for getting into a regular schedule, but you’ll also have more productive time in your day!

Assess Your Surroundings

Spring cleaning, anyone?  One of the positive ideas around Spring is the idea of cleaning out that which no longer serves you. This practice allows you to make room for new, more positive things in your life.

The first step and perhaps the most simple task is to start by cleaning out your physical space.  If you walk into your home at night and are overwhelmed by the clutter in your home, start there! That’s a perfect hint that you’re keeping things around that no longer serve you. You could even start as simple as your desk at the office.  

Something that doesn’t come as naturally, is assessing the relationships you keep. There is a telltale way of knowing if the people in your life are building you up or tearing you down, it’s how you feel when you’re around them.  

Do your friendships and your romantic relationships bring you joy and comfort? The answer should be yes, although no relationship is perfect. If you find that you’re in a relationship that is causing you negativity, first try to communicate about it, but know that no relationship is worth losing the positive relationship you have with yourself.  Practicing gratitude for the people and things around you will also help you to evaluate what and who is important in the life you want to live.

Spring is a beautiful season and we want you to feel that beauty not only for the world around you but for yourself as well.  To learn more about the benefits of mindfulness and how it will help you to prepare for Spring, join us for our upcoming Mindfulness Based Living Program.