How Cultivating Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Mindfulness is one of the most simple ideas, and when practiced, a very powerful concept.

The complexity that surrounds mindfulness and its practice comes from the pace of our everyday lives and the difficulty of being able to clear your mind of the noise.  Mindfulness involves the practice of focusing on one experience, feeling, thought, or object, which is known as meditation. When you meditate, you are focusing on your energy and attention on an idea, or even on the idea of no thoughts at all.  

Implementing a mindfulness practice into your life could potentially change your entire existence.  Studies have shown a correlation between meditation practice and a decrease in stress, and even biological changes in the brain.  It can positively affect your ability to process your emotions and improve your moods.  Among other positive changes, cultivating a mindfulness practice will benefit your life in the following ways.

Reduce Stress

Multiple studies and recent research shows that those that practice mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques reduce the production of cortisol in the brain.  This mindful meditation has also been shown to improve coping strategies and reduce the negative emotional effects of stress.

The reason stress reduction is so important is because stress seeps into other aspects of your life.  It has physical, emotional, and psychological effects on the body, all which culminate negatively.  So, if your body reacts to stress through stomach or head pain, practicing mindfulness could actually eliminate those physical sensations. If you find yourself feeling depressed or anxious because of stress, this kind of mindful practice could improve your mood and allow you to get back to feeling like yourself.

Increase Awareness

Life is full of decisions and difficult situations.  Increasing your awareness not only to yourself but to the world around you helps you to navigate the world with a higher level of understanding.

Self-awareness is a quality that some of the most successful, and happy people in this world possess. When making decisions, we often look to our values, goals, and motivations to help us determine our next steps.  Self-awareness allows us to truly know who we are and what we want out of life, making it easier to make confident, sound decisions.

Being aware of the world, and the people around you gives you a full view of your relationship with those people and the world as a whole.  Increasing your awareness is so powerful because it can give you the tools to change the things in your life that aren’t serving you and cultivate more of what truly makes you happy.

Enhance Overall Well-Being

All of the benefits of cultivating mindfulness result in one thing; an improvement of your overall well-being. The quality of our lives is the single most important thing to us as human beings.  

Starting a meditation practice can seem daunting and very different to the pace of your life at the current moment, but it truly can help with aspects of life that were previously unknown to be related to mindfulness.  

Stress is something that affects most American lives, and the practice of mindfulness has been proven to increase our resilience to stress.  So we can not only reduce the stress of our present, but we are better equipped to deal with the stress that will come in the future.

There are multiple ways to cultivate mindfulness in your life, and we offer some incredible programs to help you along the way.  Learn more about the mindfulness programs offered at The Marsh.