Sleep and Your Health

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019

How did you sleep last night?

This question is a common one, and what’s even more common is getting a not-so-great answer to the question.  

We as adults are not sleeping all that well in many instances. And while that doesn’t seem like that big of a problem, it’s actually more connected to your overall health than you’d think.  There have been multiple studies that prove the effects that sleep has on multiple aspects of your health. Below are just a few areas that will improve with a better sleep habit.

Changes in Mood

Have you ever woken up in a great mood? Not many people can say that they have and this has a direct correlation with the quality of their sleep.  Yes, there are those of us who are “morning people” who can, regardless of sleep quality, get up feeling relatively positive. But, science has proven that increased quality of sleep causes a positive shift in mood throughout the day.  This change in mood is related to a lowered stress level, thanks to a good night’s sleep. By lowering your stress level, you become more able to focus on daily tasks, your emotions are more stable, and the harmful cortisol hormone is at bay in your body.  All of this, simply by getting some good sleep.

Memory Improvement

There’s a pretty impressive process called consolidation that happens while you’re in a deep sleep.  The process involves strengthening and modifying memories so that they become stable, long-term memories within your brain. This strengthening process improves your memory and allows you to store more memories for later access.  Without a healthy sleeping habit though, the process simply won’t happen. If you start to notice that you’re having trouble accessing recent memories, you may want to look into improving your sleep.

Weight Loss

Diets, exercise, and sleep.  All of these work in tandem to help us reach a healthy weight.  If that means weight loss for you, quality sleep can actually help you get there faster.  Specifically, the correlation between sleep and weight loss pertains to fat loss. A study conducted at the University of Chicago showed that when participants of the study got adequate and quality sleep, they lost more pounds from fat than those that got less sleep but followed the same diet and exercise routines.

There are many incredible health benefits to prioritizing quality sleep.  To learn more about those benefits and how you can learn to truly get some quality shut-eye, join us for our special presentation of Unlocking The Mystery of a Good Night’s Sleep.