Wellness through educational programs, services, environment, professional care and personal guidance.

Our offerings range from one-on-one health consultations and personal attention to health enrichment programs, classes and a Physician Lecture Series on current topics impacting our health and lifestyles. We invite you to browse these pages to discover the depth and breadth of our services.


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  • How to Cultivate Intentional Habits

    The purpose of life is really to be happy, right? So why would we participate in anything that strayed from that purpose? The truth is that life is full of noise and distractions, but there is a way to live fully and stay centered amidst all of the noise. Although this world is noisy, it’s […]

  • Healthy Habits to Adopt for a More Balanced Life

    We all crave balance in our lives.  Whether it’s in our day-to-day routines or just a feeling of balance in our current world, it’s a common feeling to want balance. While spring in Minnesota brings quite an unbalance in the form of weather, we thought now was the perfect time to cultivate some healthy habits […]

  • The Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

    The time has (finally) come when we can put our winter coats back into storage and get outside! We Minnesotans love the outdoors, and for good reason. There are some incredible benefits to spending time outdoors.  Some that are obvious, like that sunkissed tint on our faces and the smell of fresh Spring air. While […]

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Our staff actively interfaces with the medical community supporting treatment objectives set by referring physicians, physical therapists and other medical/ wellness professionals.  We strive to enhance rather than replace traditional clinical approaches.

Meet our experts


The Marsh collaborates with academic and medical thought leaders, organizations and clinics locally and throughout the United States. Through our physician lecture series, we have shared knowledge to our community from numerous doctors ranging from Dr. Andrew Weil to Dr. William Katsiyiannis. We closely collaborate with Merz Physical Therapy to bring true continuum of care to our clients in their recovery.

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