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All regular studio classes are complimentary for Marsh members and $15 for visitors. Specialty classes with a fee are indicated with $. For questions please call 952-935-2202. Scroll below the schedule to view Class Descriptions. Instructors may change without advance notice due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances. Please scroll down for this week’s class schedule. Especially note class lengths in parenthesis where applicable.



Click below to see the schedule for each day:
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6:00 AM—Cycle —W— Jen
7:00 AM— Kettlebell Blast—W ($)
8:00 AM—Barre—E—Katie
9:15 AM—Step & Core—E—Teri
9:15 AM —Cycle (30)—W—Katie
9:45 AM—Yoga Stretch (30)—W—Katie
10:15 AM—Nia—E—Liz
11:00 AM—Happy New Year! Tai Chi Tea (30)—W—Monica
11:30 AM—Tai Chi Chih—W—Monica
11:30 AM—Gentle Kripalu Yoga—E—Michelle
5:30 PM—Gentle Kripalu Yoga—W—Liz
6:00 PM—BodyPump—E—Ruth
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6:00 AM—BodyPump—E—Emily
8:00 AM—Gentle Kripalu Yoga—E—Summer
9:15 AM—Vinyasa Yoga (70)—E—Ryan
9:15 AM—Body Pump—W—Liz
10:30 AM—Cardio Dance - Mardi Gras - let’s dance! —E—Katie & Liz
10:30 AM—Practical Pilates—W—Bridget
11:30 AM—Body Recall plus Stretch Chair Class (45)—W—Liz
4:30 PM—Vinyasa Yoga—E—Amanda
5:00 PM— Marsh X—W—Peter($)
6:00 PM—Barre willPower & grace—E—Nicole
6:15 PM—Cardio Bounce—W—Ruth
7:00 PM—Yoga for Men—E—Shari
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6:00 AM—Cycle—W—Peter
7:00 AM—Tai Chi Practice Group
7:00 AM—Step Express (45)—E—Greg
7:45 AM—Core Express (15)—E—Greg
9:15 AM —Barre willPower & grace —E—Rachel
9:15 AM—Cycle (30)—W—Nicole
9:45 AM—Strength & Stretch (30)—W—Nicole
10:15 AM – Nia—E—Beth
11:15 AM—Yogilates—E—Laura
12:15 AM (Time change this week only)—QiGong—E—Dianna
5:30 PM—Beg/Intermediate Yoga—Dragon Rm—Christy
6:00 PM—Body Pump—E—Ann Marie
6:30 PM—Continuing Iyenger Yoga (90)—Dragon Rm—Carlton
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6:00 AM—BodyPump—E—Liz
6:00 AM— Kettlebell Blast—W ($)
8:00 AM—Gentle Kripalu Yoga—E—Sharon
9:15 AM—Vinyasa Yoga—E—Amanda
9:15 AM—BodyPump—W—Laura P.
10:15 AM—Flo Motion (45)—E—Laura
11:00 AM—Barre Express (25)—E—Laura
11:45 AM—Tai Chi Chih —E—Monica
5:00 PM— Marsh X—W—Jen($)
5:30 PM—Nia - Love Songs (45)—E—Liz
6:15 PM—Yogilates (45)—E—Bridget
6:15 PM—Cardio Bounce—W—Ruth
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6:00 AM—Cycle—W—Diane P.
8:00 AM— Strength & Stretch (30)—E—Annie
8:30 AM— Foam Rolling (30)—E—Annie
9:15 AM—Step & Core—E—Greg
9:15 AM—Cycle (30)—W—Shari
9:45 AM—Core, Abs & Back Strengthening (30)—W—Shari
10:15 AM—Barre willPower & grace—E—Amanda
11:30 AM—Gentle Yoga—E—Amanda
6:00 PM—Friends & Family Body Pump—E—Emily
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8:00 AM—Iyengar Yoga (60)—E—Carlton
8:00 AM— Marsh X—W—Nick ($)
9:15 AM—Body Pump—E—Liz
9:15 AM—Cycle—W—Katie
10:30 AM—Cardio Bounce—W—Ruth
10:30 AM—Cardio Dance—E—Laura
11:15 AM—Barre Express (25)—E—Laura
11:45 AM—Vinyasa Yoga—E—Ryan
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Sunday— 2/14/2016
9:00 AM—Continuing Vinyasa Yoga (75)—E—Michelle
9:15 AM—Step & Core—W—Teri
10:30 AM—Nia—E—Liz
10:30 AM— Marsh X—W—Annie ($)
11:45 AM—Friends & Family BodyPump—E—Ann Marie
5:00 PM—Sunday Yoga Experiential—E—Sharon
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Class Descriptions:


Cardio II / III: This energetic class takes you through creative choreography with smooth transitions an concludes with a full body stretch. Low-impact options are demonstrated throughout the class. Levels 2 - 4

Cycle*: Increase your total fitness. Interval drills, hill sprints and endurance rides are included in this driving class format. Strength and flexibility training also included. First time cyclists welcome! (no advance sign up required for the 9:15 am classes on Mondays and Wednesdays). Levels 2 - 4

Flo Motion: A gentle, mindful way to work out aerobically. Continuous flowing movements, artistic choreography and creative music allow for an enjoyable and effective workout. All Levels

Nia: Nia draws from nine disciplines including the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts.  It is a sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness by empowering people of all shapes and sizes to connect with their body, mind, emotions and spirit. No prior experience necessary. All Levels

Body Rhythms: Let this unique Studio class set to the beat of live drumming move you from the inside out. Our instructor will guide you through a flowing full-body workout as energy and rhythm fill the room. (Once a month on Saturdays.) All Levels

Cardio Bounce: A class filled with joyful energy! Perform 35 minutes of high energy cardio moves on a spring-loaded rebounder (mini trampoline), followed by muscle conditioning and a full cool down. Levels 2 - 4

Step: Keep your body and mind challenged by performing combinations of step patterns on 4” to 12” platforms. Class formats include Step & Tone, Interval Step, Step Circuit and more. All classes conclude with strength and flexibility training. Levels 3 - 4

willPower & grace®: is for men and women who are at a moderate to high fitness level. It combines cardio (no dance), flexibility, strength and mental focus in a high energy session. It also uses the safest barefoot training method. Levels 2 - 4

Aerobics With Soul®: An amazing exercise program that combines the best of structured aerobic workouts with the magic and creativity of African dance. The friendly, non-competitive class atmosphere encourages students to move and learn at their own pace and enjoy the celebration of life through dance. All Levels

Marsh X with TRX: A high energy, cardio class for people who want to push themselves to the next level! This class features cardio smart technology with real time feedback, so you can track your heart rate zone to burn more calories and improve your health and fitness even faster. Also included in the class workout is TRX; a great new way to strength, train and work your core and upper body. Levels 3 - 4

Strength and Function

Barre at The Marsh: A whole body conditioning class for long, lean muscles, core strength, stability and balance. For a midday shorter-form session, try Marsh Barre Xpress.

BodyPump: A revolutionary weight-training class in a group fitness setting using barbells with adjustable weights and set to motivating music. BodyPump is an endurance workout that allows you to lift weights that are appropriate for your fitness level. It is a simple, athletic-based workout that strengthens, tones, and defines every major muscle group in your body. Levels 2 - 4

Boot Camp Meets the Mat: A unique combination of power yoga and strength training set to energizing music.  This class is a complete workout that combines yoga asanas, as well as strength, cardio, and plyometric drills. The class will combine moves and poses to work on your strength and flexibility.  Strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, and push-ups are incorporated into class along with cardio and plyometric training.  Bring yourself into the moment…find your inner to outer strength. Try our 6 week program starting November 30th through January 5th. Kimberly Dean will be your guest instructor. Levels 2 - 4

Family Friends and Fun-BodyPump: This is your opportunity to share group exercise with friends and family (must be at least 12 years old). Our Body Pump Instructors guide each class participant in strength training routines (set to music) that are safe and effective. Great introduction to those new to BodyPump. Levels 2 - 4 (Reduced guest rate $5.00)

Muscle Conditioning: This class emphasizes strength, muscle endurance, correct posture, alignment and form. Various pieces of equipment, including bosu balls, weights, and resist-a-balls are used to challenge and motivate participants. All Levels

Marsh X with TRX: A high energy, cardio class for people who want to push themselves to the next level! This class features cardio smart technology with real time feedback, so you can track your heart rate zone to burn more calories and improve your health and fitness even faster. Also included in the class workout is TRX; a great new way to strength, train and work your core and upper body. Levels 3 - 4


Body Recall, is a fun, functional movement class that will lift your spirits. If you are new to exercise, have a chronic condition, or looking for a lighter workout, this is the class for you. Each class will start with a question, “how do you feel today?” Then, you can choose to use a chair or stand during class. This class focuses on moving all parts of your body incorporating elements of functional strength, yoga, Tai Chi and stretching. Chairs available for those who need them. 45 minutes. Level 1

Beginning Tai Chi and Qigong: This is a wonderful place to begin exploring Yang Style Tai Chi as well connecting the breath, which is the foundation of Qigong. Performing Tai Chi and Qigong can help improved balance and flexibility and even help reduce your blood pressure. All Levels.

Continuing Iyengar Yoga: Iyengar Yoga emphasizes the development of strength, stamina, flexibility and balance as well as meditation. Through the practice of a system of asanas, it aims to unite the body, mind and spirit for health and well-being. Props such as belts and blocks are used as aids in performing asanas (poses). Levels 2 - 4

Gentle Yoga: This mainstream yoga class remains one of The Marsh’s most popular offerings. Enhance your posture, flexibility, strength and balance as you move through Yoga poses and learn the basics of Hatha Yoga. No experience necessary. Mats provided. All Levels

Gentle Tai Chi: Often called a moving meditation, Tai Chi is a graceful form of exercise and gentle stretching movements that help reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being. This class, which can be experienced standing or sitting, is particularly beneficial for those who seek chronic pain management. All Levels.

Kripalu Yoga: Yoga for Every Body: Kripalu is a yoga designed to adapt to all body types, ages, fitness levels and interests. Emphasis is placed on coordinating breath and movement. Classic asanas (poses), breathwork, development of a quiet mind and relaxation are practiced throughout the class. Participants are guided to work within their own body’s needs. Class begin with centering and end with relaxation. All Levels

Sunday Yoga Experiential: This weekly class offers you an opportunity to experience a variety of yoga classes and instructors.  The instructor and the form of yoga practiced changes weekly. Watch the class schedule for details. All Levels, great for beginners.

Tai Chi: We begin this class by slowing our pace and taking time to connect our breath with our mind and body. The instructor then guides us through a moving meditation.
All Levels. Great for first-time Tai Chi participants.

Vinyasa Yoga: This style of yoga connects your breath with each flowing series of postures. Class begins and ends with a quiet meditation. Your instructor will guide the yoga practice to meet your needs. Levels 2 - 4

Beginning/Intermediate Yoga: Based on Iyengar Yoga, this form of yoga is a safe, sequential and progressive practice. The asanas strengthen the body at all levels, including circulatory, respiratory and the nervous system. Levels 2 - 4

Yoga for Men: Especially for men, this yoga series helps you live with greater flexibility, fewer aches, less stress, better sleep and mental sharpness. We offer this intermittently as a 4-week series. Please inquire about upcoming dates and fee.

Yogilates: This class combines the flowing, stretching movements of Hatha Yoga with the core strengthening method of Joseph Pilates. Levels 2 - 4