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New! ONLINE BOOKING for all group fitness classes now available! All regular studio classes are complimentary for Marsh members and $20 for visitors. When booking online, member discount will be applied at checkout. Specialty classes with a fee are indicated with $. For questions please call 952-935-2202. Scroll below the schedule to view Class Descriptions. Instructors may change without advance notice due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances. Please scroll down for this week’s class schedule. Especially note class lengths in parenthesis where applicable.



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9:15 AM—Step & Core—E—Katie
10:15 AM—Cardio Barre—E—Amanda
10:30 AM—New! Intro to Chair Yoga (6 week series) - W—Sarah
11:30 AM—Gentle Yoga—E—Amanda
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8:00 AM—Iyengar Based Yoga (60)—E—Carlton
8:00 AM— Marsh X—W—($)
9:15 AM—Body Pump—E—Tina
10:30 AM—Cardio Bounce—W—Ruth
10:30 AM—Cardio Dance—E—Katie
11:15 AM—Barre Express (25)—E—Katie
12:00 PM—Vinyasa Yoga—E—Ryan
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Sunday— 10/2/2016
9:00 AM—Continuing Vinyasa Yoga (70)—E—Amanda
9:15 AM—Step & Core—W—Katie
10:30 AM—Nia—E—Beth
11:45 AM—Friends & Family BodyPump—E—Ann Maria
5:00 PM—Gentle Yoga—E—Stephanie
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6:00 AM—Cycle —E— Jen
7:00 AM— Kettlebell Blast—W ($)
8:00 AM—Barre—E—Bridget
9:15 AM—Step & Core —E— Greg
9:15 AM —Cycle (30)—W—Stephanie
9:45 AM—Yoga Stretch (30)—W—Stephanie
10:15 AM—Nia—E—Liz
11:30 AM—Gentle Kripalu Yoga—E—Michelle
11:45 AM—Tai Chi Chih: Step by Step—W—Monica
5:30 PM—Gentle Kripalu Yoga—W—Liz
6:00 PM—BodyPump—E—Ruth
6:30 PM—MBSR Series Begins ($)—Dragon Rm—Terry
6:45 PM—Feldenkrais: Walking with Your Whole Self ($)—W - Nick
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6:00 AM—BodyPump—E—Jess
8:00 AM—Gentle Kripalu Yoga—E—Sheila
9:15 AM—Continuing Vinyasa Yoga (70)—E—Ryan
9:15 AM—Body Pump—W—Ann Marie
10:30 AM—Cardio Dance—E—Katie
10:30 AM—Practical Pilates—W—Bridget
11:30 AM—Body Recall plus Stretch Chair Class (45)—W—Stephanie
4:30 PM—Vinyasa Yoga—E—Amanda
5:00 PM— Marsh X—W—Annie($)
6:00 PM—Cardio Kickboxing—E—Michael
6:15 PM—Cardio Bounce—W—Ruth
7:00 PM—Yoga for Men (4 week series)—E—Shari
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6:00 AM—Cycle—W—Jen
7:00 AM—Tai Chi Practice Group
7:00 AM—Step & Core—E—Teri
9:00 PM— Intro to BodyPump Express (30)—E—Gena
9:30 AM—Cycle (30)—W—Amanda
9:45 AM—Stretch for Everyone (30)—E—Gena
10:00 AM—Strength—W—Amanda
10:15 AM – Nia Dance—E—Beth
11:15 AM—Yogilates—E—Laura
11:30 AM—QiGong—Dianna
5:30 PM—Beg/Intermediate Yoga—Dragon Rm—Stephanie
6:00 PM—Body Pump—E—Katie
6:30 PM—Continuing Iyenger Yoga (90)—Dragon Rm—Carlton
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6:00 AM—BodyPump—E—Liz
6:00 AM— Kettlebell Blast—W ($)
8:00 AM—Gentle Kripalu Yoga—E—Liz
9:15 AM—Vinyasa Yoga—E—Amanda
9:15 AM—BodyPump—W—Tina
10:15 AM—Flo Motion (45)—E—Ann Marie
11:00 AM—Barre Express (25)—E—Ann Marie
11:45 AM—Tai Chi Chih —E—Monica
5:00 PM— Marsh X —W—Jen($)
6:00 PM— Mindful Movement—E—Ellie - Guest Instructor
6:15 PM—Cardio Bounce—W—Ruth
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6:00 AM—Cycle—W—Nick
9:15 AM—Step & Core—E—Teri
9:15 AM—Cycle (30)—W—Katie
9:45 AM—Core Strengthening (30)—W—Katie
10:15 AM—Cardio Barre—E—Amanda
10:30 AM—New! Chair Yoga (6 week series) - W—Liz
11:30 AM—Gentle Yoga—E—Amanda
6:00 PM—Friends & Family BodyPump—E—Ruth
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8:00 AM—Iyengar Based Yoga (60)—E—Carlton
8:00 AM— Marsh X—W—($)
9:15 AM—Body Pump—E—Katie
9:15 AM—Cycle—W—Shari
10:30 AM—Cardio Bounce—W—Ruth
10:30 AM—Cardio Dance—E—Laura
11:15 AM—Barre Express (25)—E—Laura
12:00 PM—Vinyasa Yoga—E—Ryan
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Sunday— 10/9/2016
9:00 AM—Continuing Vinyasa Yoga (70)—E—Michelle
9:15 AM—Step & Core—W—Teri
10:30 AM—Nia—E—Liz
11:45 AM—Friends & Family BodyPump—E—Tina
5:00 PM—Gentle Yoga—E—Sharon
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Class Descriptions:


Aerobics With Soul® - An amazing exercise program that combines the best of structured aerobic workouts with the creativity of African dance. A friendly, non-competitive class atmosphere encourages you to move and learn at your own pace while enjoying the celebration of life through dance. This is a bare foot class but shoes may be worn.

Cardio Bounce - Bounce into this exciting low-impact class with powerful potential! 35 minutes of high energy cardio moves are performed on a spring-loaded mini trampoline. Muscle conditioning and a full cool down complete this fun workout!

Cardio Kick Boxing - Is fun and empowering! This experience will get beginners into shape and test the more seasoned athletes. It integrates easy-to-learn punches, blocks and kicks that will improve everyone’s fitness and inspire you to come back for more. 

Cardio Dance Variety - The Marsh is known for the diversity of their dance class offerings… From Cardio Dance to Zumba, high energy offerings to the softer barefoot classes of Nia, Aerobics with Soul and Flo Motion. Explore all the options that this time slot provides. It will keep you motivated and inspired to come back for more.

Cycle - Increase your total fitness. Interval drills, hill sprints and endurance rides are included in this driving class format. Strength and flexibility training will complete the class. First-time cyclists welcome! Most cycle classes require advance sign up. Please reserve your space by calling the Front Desk no more than 24-hours in advance, 952-935-2202.

Cycle Express - Interval drills and hill sprints – all in 30 minutes! This class is a great place to begin your cycle experience. Instructors are always there to help you get adjust the bike for a safe and efficient ride. Most cycle classes require advance sign up. Please reserve your space by calling the Front Desk no more than 24-hours in advance, 952-935-2202.

Flo Motion - Flo Motion is a low-impact, varied intensity barefoot dance experience that moves your whole body. Set to fun and inspirational music, with moves designed to bring you in to a state of flow and joy. Instructors modify moves for all fitness levels. Barefoot experience recommended but shoe may be worn to meet your needs.

Nia Dance – Nia is a fun, energetic barefoot dance class that blends movements and energies from the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Get cardiovascular conditioning while creating ease, flexibility, strength and agility in your body. Step into your own joyful journey with Nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live.

Step and Core - Sing along to the music in this energizing class that makes you feel liberated and alive! It involves simple movements, done over and around a height-adjustable step platform. Class also includes core strengthening, including back, abs and glute work. Step platform optional.

Zumba® - An exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health. This high intensity class will challenge your muscles and mind like never before!


Beginning/Intermediate Yoga - Based on Hatha Yoga, this form of yoga is a safe, sequential and progressive practice. The asanas (poses) strengthen the body at all levels, including circulatory, respiratory and nervous system. Centering, breath work, and postures are the foundation of this practice.

Chair Yoga – The chair is your friend! This class is a wonderful gentle form of yoga that adapts yoga postures through creative use of a chair. Poses are done seated or using the chair for support during standing and balancing poses. You are invited to modify all poses to meet your ever-changing yoga practice. Emphasis will be on breathing, balance, movements of the spine and being gentle with yourself. All levels welcome, especially beginners.

Continuing Iyengar-Based Yoga – This continuing yoga practice places an emphasis on correct body alignment with the use of props, such as blankets, blocks, chairs and straps. The intention is to move through postures to develop an inversion practice from child’s pose, forward fold and on. Through the practice of a system of asanas, it aims to unite the body, mind and spirit for health and well-being.

Continuing Vinyasa Yoga - A longer formatted class of 70 minutes invites you to go deeper into your yoga practice. Cultivate an energizing breath as your body moves through a series of yoga poses to naturally align the body as you calm the mind. Create strength in this class so you can flow with grace and ease in your yoga practice

Gentle Kripalu Yoga - Kripalu is known as the yoga of compassion. It is an inviting style of yoga designed to adapt to all body types, ages, fitness levels and interests. Emphasis is placed on gentle breath and movement. Classic asanas (poses), breath work, development of a quiet mind and relaxation are practiced in this class.

Gentle Yoga - This yoga class remains one of The Marsh’s most popular offerings. An inviting and nurturing class that teaches the basics of Hatha Yoga, while appreciating everyone may be at a different level. Enhance your posture, flexibility, strength and balance as you move through yoga poses. Mats provided, straps, blankets,  and blocks are provided if needed.

Iyengar Based Yoga - This yoga practice consists of alignment, breath work and developing present moment awareness. Basic standing, forward and back bends, as well as twisting asanas, (postures/poses) moving the spine in all directions, with the intent on developing a well-rounded practice. Iyengar Yoga emphasizes the development of strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, as well as meditation. Props such as belts and blocks are used as aids in performing asanas.

Practical Pilates - This studio class teaches you how to strengthen your core muscles with traditional Pilates holds, followed by stretches and precise alignment. You will build strength, balance and stability. This class uses mats and balls.

Stretch for Everybody - We will begin this class by combining gentle stretching and aligning the large postural muscles of the spine. We will then flow through joint freeing series as we melt tension and bring spacious ease into our bodies. Feel the calm and release tension as you head into the rest of your day. Wear comfortable clothes in layers.

Tai Chi Chih – A little faster paced than Tai Chi Chih Step-by-Step, this class teaches the 19 moves and one pose of the Tai Chi Chih form.

Tai Chi Chih: Step-by-Step - This class is a non-martial art based moving meditation that introduces the 19 moves and one pose of the Tai Chi Chih form. Each week we will learn new moves and review ones from the past weeks. Tai Chi is endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation, and Mayo Clinic for its positive health benefits, including decreasing stress, anxiety and depression and improving flexibility, balance and agility. Tai Chi Chih can be done seated and no special clothing or shoes are needed.

Tai Chi Practice Group - Time and space is provided to practice various Tai Chi forms. There is no instructor for this class, just your fellow classmates sharing their practices.

Vinyasa Yoga - Vinyasa yoga is a flowing, dynamic yoga practice that cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. Classes feature several elements of traditional yoga that may include sun salutations, standing poses, dynamic stretching, and pranayama (breath work).

Yoga for Men - Especially for men, this gentle yoga series helps you live with greater flexibility, fewer aches, less stress, better sleep and improved mental sharpness. Feel comfortable as you are guided into this yoga practice just for you. Questions are strongly encouraged as we build upon your practice. Inviting your brothers, sons and friends is strongly encouraged.

Yoga Stretch - This 30 minute offering will connect your breath and body into inviting gentle yoga stretches and postures including movements of the spine, shoulders, arms and legs. You will leave this class feeling more open and calm.

Yogilates - This class offers a unique, flowing style of yoga that integrates the method of Joseph Pilates. Achieve the physical and mental benefits from combining Pilates core strengthening exercises with Hatha yoga to stretch and strengthen.


Barre - This class combines Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful sculpted, lean muscles. Set to upbeat music, this 55 minute class starts with a warm-up, then moves into a series of ballet barre and/or floor exercises that focus on your body with special emphasis on the core, legs and glutes.

Barre Express  - Short on time? This 25 minute class focuses on every muscle group – sculpting and strengthening arms, legs, glutes and core. A combination of strengthening and stretching segments will tone your whole body with the use of a ballet barre, balls and mats.

Body Recall - This seated movement class was designed as a safe entry point for people with doctor referrals, anyone with a chronic condition, balance issues, or new to exercising. Each 45-minute class starts with the question, “how do you feel today?” You decide if you want to use a chair or stand as we focus on moving all parts of the body, incorporating elements of functional strength, yoga, Tai Chi, cardio conditioning and stretching.

BodyPump™ -  The music moves us and the energy of others helps boost everyone’s motivation in this strength building class. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. Instructors coach you through scientifically proven moves and techniques with a good dose of encouragement that will help you achieve much more than you can on your own! 

BodyPump Express - This 30-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and lunges. Great music, awesome instructors and YOUR choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for and fast!

Cardio Barre - This class is a blend of Barre movements, strength work, and yoga poses. Barre, core, and free weight work will be interspersed with cardio sections to improve tone, strength, and flexibility in the muscle, and improve cardiovascular fitness!

Core Strengthening - This 30 minute class focuses on toning and defining the abs and strengthening the back to improve posture and core strength. Correct technique will be emphasized as you use your body weight, tubes, balls and bands to help you achieve your best results.

Strength - Expect to work all your major muscle groups in this 30 minute strength training class designed to build a strong body and health bone density.