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Pool Schedule & Class Descriptions

All classes are complimentary for Marsh members, unless otherwise indicated. Fee classes are indicated with a ($). Members of the general public may attend classes for $15 per class.

Pool location key: Lap Pool=L Therapy Pool=T

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Download Pool Schedule 8/11/14 - 8/17/14
Download Pool Schedule 8/18/14 - 8/24/14

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Stay updated on all Marsh classes & events:

7:00 AM—Water Workout—L—Linda
9:30 AM—Aqua Mix—L—Amy
10:15 AM—Gentle Stretch—T—Amy
11:30 AM—$Back Series—T—Mary L.
4:00-6:00—Swim lessons $—L—
6:15 PM—$ Group Lap Swim Workout—L—Diane
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9:30 AM—Aqua Mix—L—Peter
10:15 AM—Ai Chi—T—Dianna
11:00 AM—Interval Circuit—L—Jake
11:15 AM—Loose & Limber—T—Jen
2:00 AM—$ Qi Gong —T—Peter P
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Saturday – 8/16/2014
9:30 AM—Water Workout—L—Diane
10:30 AM—Water Variety—T—Diane
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10:15 AM—Aqua Mix—L—Dianna
11:15 AM—Ai Chi—T—Dianna
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9:30 AM—Water Walking—L—Diane
10:15 AM—Loose and Limber—T—Dianna
11:00 AM—Aqua Mix—L—Jen
11:15 AM—Balance and Core—T—Diane
6:15 PM—Water Variety Class—L—Diane
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7:00 AM—Water Power & Abs—L—Diane
9:30 AM—Interval Circuit—L—Jake
10:30 AM—Water Ballet—T—Kristin
11:30 AM—Ai Chi—T—Dianna
4:00-6:00—Swim lessons $—L—
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9:30 AM—Water Workout —L—Amy
10:15 AM—Balance & Core—T—Amy
11:00 AM—Water Power & Abs—L—Jake
11:15 AM—Water Yoga—T—Judy
6:15 PM—Water Variety Class—L—Linda
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7:00 AM—Water Workout—L—Amy
9:30 AM—Aqua Mix—L—Jake
10:15 AM—Gentle Stretch—T—Diane
4:00-6:00—Swim lessons $—L—
6:15 PM—$ Group Lap Swim Workout—L—Diane
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9:30 AM—Aqua Mix—L—Peter
10:15 AM—Ai Chi—T—Dianna
11:00 AM—Interval Circuit—L—Jen
11:15 AM—Loose & Limber—T—Diane
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Saturday – 8/23/2014
8:00 AM—Hydro Surge Intro—L—Amy and Ryan
9:30 AM—Water Workout—L—Jen
10:30 AM—Mindful Movement—T—Nicola
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10:15 AM—Aqua Mix—L—Kristin
11:15 AM—Warm Water Variety—T—Kristin
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Ai Chi: This therapy pool class combines
slow, fluid movements to create a relaxing experience for the mind and body.

Aqua Mix: This lap pool class features
varying formats and equipment that will surely keep you motivated and
challenged while increasing your cardiovascular endurance.

Aqua Sport: This energetic lap pool class
features sports inspired exercise, team work, and light-hearted competition. 
Must be comfortable moving the entire length of the pool.

Balance & Core: This therapy pool class focuses
on strengthening the muscles of the CORE while challenging your balance in a
safe and functional environment.

EASY Flow: This therapy pool class is a combination
of Shiatsu massage, Ai Chi, and yoga to help restore balance to the body and mind.
It enables anyone to optimize health through this self-care practice.  This ongoing
class was designed for those who have completed the four-week Establishing Your
EASY Practice series and want to continue a guided practice with a trained instructor. 
If you are interested in joining this class please contact Mary LeSourd at ext. 8075, or
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Gentle Stretch: This therapy pool
class will help you increase your flexibility and range of motion in
a gentle and relaxing environment.

Latin Grooves: In this therapy pool class
you will enjoy moving your hips to beautiful Latin rhythms while learning
the essence of the salsa, Cumbia, merengue, cha cha & bachata. This
class is designed to help you loosen up your tired joints and sore muscles.

Loose and Limber: This therapy pool
class focuses on gentle movements for those living with arthritis and
chronic pain.

Mindful Movement: The therapy pool class
incorporates an eclectic mix of mind and body practices designed to increase
your flexibility, strengthen your core, and expand your range of motion while
leaving you feeling both energized and deeply relaxed.

Water Ballet: This therapy pool class
combines ballet barre, stretching, balance and core work in a safe atmosphere.
No dance ability required, only a willingness to move your joints and stretch
your muscles in a new way.

Water Walking: We all know how to walk.
This lap pool class takes those basic steps to create a wonderful
cardiovascular cross-training activity designed to strengthen your body
while eliminating the stress on your joints.

Water Power and Abs: Learn to use the
natural resistance of the water to your advantage! In this high energy lap
pool class, we use interval training to help build cardiovascular endurance.
Plus, you will get a full abdominal workout without having to get down on
your knees or place undue stress on your neck or back.

Water Workout: This lap pool class is all about fun and
cardiovascular conditioning. You’ll move and groove to the music
that you love.

Warm Water Yoga: This therapy pool class is designed to integrate standing poses (asanas) with slow, fluid movements. Warm Water Yoga will improve flexibility, balance, strength, posture and breathing that will calm your mind, and promote relaxation. Water’s natural buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure supports the body in all directions making this class accessible for everyone.