Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training

Friday - Wednesday, 6:30p Friday until 5:30p Wednesday

Let Your Yoga Dance®Teacher Training is a powerful, joyous training. Megha has been training teachers for almost thirty years; she has developed her own unique training system which inspires rather than demeans, enriches rather than frightens her students. Her intention is to build up the spirit and self-esteem in each one of her trainees so that they experience their unique brilliance, then – in turn – offer their gifts back out to the world.  The training is an inquiry into becoming the very best instructor of Let Your Yoga Dance® that one can be.

Participants get to know their body and the chakras in a brand new way. Their relationship to music will never be the same. They will experience the art of being a transformational teacher. All this is created in a safe and loving environment. Trainees receive tools not only for being an educator, but will continue to receive gifts and tools after graduation for as long as they wish.

Let Your Yoga Dance®  Module 1 and Certification Overview

Mod 1 is all about the science and method of Let Your Yoga Dance® and its applications. You will learn (through some lecture and vast experience) all about the chakra system and how it relates to a Let Your Yoga Dance® class. You will dance through the chakras and receive a tremendous music library. You will learn how different kinds of music relate to the chakras while it weaves through the class. To become certified, Module 1 must be taken first, then followed by the Special Populations Module to teach special populations or by Module 2 to be a general Let Your Yoga Dance® instructor.  The Special Populations Module will be offered at The Marsh October 20-27, 2017.

Schedule for Module 1

To view the detailed schedule for Module 1 Training in July, click here.

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