The Benefits of Giving

Ilia Jones  |  Posted: Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

‘Tis the season of giving! This time of year represents the importance of family, traditions, and giving to others. Giving to others seems like the theme of the season, but the truth is that there is an underlying benefit to showing the people you care about, and even strangers, a bit of love this holiday season.

Generosity and compassion are much more visible this time of year and that’s part of why we love the holidays so much. It’s proven that showing generosity and compassion has health benefits so we wanted to go through those amazing benefits both within ourselves and on the world. Here are a few ways that giving to others benefits your health.

Reduce Stress

There have been scientific studies that show that doing good deeds for others results in a reduction in the chemical responsible for stress, cortisol. These studies also show reduced activity in the dorsal anterior of your brain, which is the part that reacts to stress. Our bodies are biologically programmed to react positively to giving support or doing things to help others.

Just as meditation or getting quality sleep help to reduce stress, so do little acts of kindness. If you find yourself feeling stressed, try giving back to those around you. You just might find that you not only make their day but yours as well.

Create a Connection

We are a social species, we thrive on connections with other people and when we lack those connections, we start to feel symptoms of depression and loneliness. Taking the time to give to others creates a connection like no other. When you show your appreciation or simply that you’re thinking about another person, they automatically feel connected to you and you to them. These connections go far beyond just one act of giving, they allow you to grow your circle of influence and even to support someone who could be going through a difficult time.

Create a Culture of Kindness

Have you ever heard the phrase; Kindness is Contagious? It’s so well known because it’s incredibly true. Showing kindness is a perpetual act and when a person receives kindness from another, it’s natural to want to spread that feeling. Giving and kindness go hand in hand because they are selfless acts. By showing kindness to others, you make a small difference in their day which they then want to pass on to others, creating a culture of kindness.

Giving to others is an incredible feeling, whether it’s time, attention, or gifts, make an effort to show generosity this holiday season.

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