Body Fat and Cancer – What Women Need to Know

Heidi Moon  |  Posted: Thursday, October 19th, 2017

A new study was published by the CDC this October highlights some interesting facts about women and cancer. Interesting news for all women during this National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Close to ½ of specific cancer diagnoses in females can be related to extra body fat.  Weight control strategies can reduce the incidence of cancer in our community; it’s important to find strategies to control weight and The Marsh can help you do this!  Read the full article from the CDC…

Contact Kathryn Hernke, Registered Dietitian, for information on weight management options at The Marsh. Options range from our Fuel for Success 6-week Group Nutrition Program ($45) to our personalized one-on-one Biometrics 6-week private training (three 30-minute private training sessions per week), Nutrition (2 hours of private nutrition counseling), and Health Assessments pre- and post-program to show your results.

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